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Sunday, 5 February 2012

A fantasy fill in!

As usual I've been rather short of time lately, I have been adding to my 15mm Classical Greek/Persian/Macedonian collection of figures of which more anon as well as re-furbishing the clubs collection of League of Augsburg 25mm figures. There are allot of these guys which were painted by different lads in the club for a re fight of  Aughrim at one of the Derby shows many moons ago and which have languished in various boxes ever since. This seemed to be such a wast of painted figures that I foolishly volunteered the 'tart them up' and it's been even more work than at first thought! Never mind, I'm winning and beginning to see the light at the tunnels end, I'll get them on here eventually as well.
Fantasy stuff. Not something I do for myself to be honest, I've painted loads for other people but it doesn't rock my particular boat but here's a few pictures of two models that I painted a good few years ago which will do as a fill in till I get back on here more regularly.

Firstly this is (so I'm told) an Ork Boss riding a Wyrvern, looks like a Dragon to me but maybe the more educated could tell me the difference.

This chap is a Giant, not an Ogre or Troll, but a Giant. Note the Mackam (Sunderland supporter) getting stomped on near the feat of the big guy. I add this so that Sheffield United, Stoke and Southampton supporters won't get upset, not bothered about Sunderland!!!!

Looking at him now I think the shading is a bit heavy and could have been toned down, but as I said he was painted a few years ago and I think the reader will agree that we never stop learning and developing our painting technique.

Snot Goblins apparently.

Normal Goblins, nothing snotty about them!

All the best,


  1. Nice work, love the mackem being trampled

  2. I know mate, I only did it once, it was a long time ago.....I can stop, really I can......HELP!!!!!

  3. Won't get to the club again tonight. Severe "manflu" apparently, but please please get some therapy and don't do it again!