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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Teutonic hordes

Well, getting these done took longer that I thought. As I've said before like most of us re-basing figures is probably one of the worst tasks any wargamer can take on. The work involved is huge to what seems when all is done and dusted to be no discernible difference to the look of the figures.
My Franco Prussian War collection was originally based up this way (for Fire & Fury Frances Here) but in a moment of inspiration (stupidity) I decided to double up the stands and fight General de Brigade type battalion level engagements. As I'm a bit of a stickler for accurate figure/ground scale this meant that any table top battles would have to be fought length ways using off table artillery, simply because of the weapon ranges!
Sod that for a box of Smarties and back to Fire and Fury type scales I've gone.
Scotty has been working on his Franco Prussian stuff here and I've done one French Corps here so with more to paint up we should be able to put on a good show eventually.
Each unit represents a Rgt, each model gun represents a battery.
Anyway, on with the pictures (all figures are from Outpost):

Prussian 4th Cavalry Division:

Two Divisions of V Corps:

Jagers from V Corps:

Two Divisions of XI Corps:

V & XI Corp of Third army:

Finally Third army commander Crown Prince Fredrick William:

Other stuff to do as well but it will be two more French Corps next.


  1. Looks fantastic, Can't wait to get a game in. Just finished my French infantry for the second division of III corps

  2. Liked the other basing better :)

  3. Have to have a bash with those havn't played FPW since I got rid of my Vand B armies about 15 years ago

  4. This is a great work, we are playing the same period at this moment in our club, and your army is a real success!
    Very nice blog too!

    1. Thanks Phil, very kind.
      I love the period I admit, particularly the Prussians, it's the fact that a new factor has been added i.e. weaponry and the differences between the various armies in such a short time period which has to be factored into the different rules available, sometimes successfully sometimes not (Fire and Fury Frances is an example of the better type.
      Two French corps to re-base after I've completed the above 28mm cavalry.
      Please do keep looking in, I post usually when I've finished adding to the old collection.

    2. I don't want to miss that Dave...I'll follow your blog!