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Friday, 3 August 2012

Italy 1795

A few pictures of a club game set in Piedmot pre Napoleon in 1795 based round the time of the battle of Loano.
The French had pretty much double the number of squadrons/battalions compared to the Austrians but they were of very dubious quality. French commanded by Scotty (a newcomer to the rules) had the infantry while Mick took the French cavalry, on the Austrian side Tom had their infantry and Carl the single Hussar rgt.
The Austrian center awaiting the French attack:

With their Grenzers occupying the town on the Austrian left:

The Kaiser Franz Hussars on their right:

A French Demi Brigade ready to advance with a skirmish screen to the front:

The French cavalry, Chasseurs and Hussars:

After numerous charges the French cavalry were chased from the field by their Austrian opponents:

Using General de Brigade I classed the Austrian cavalry as veteran with superior mounts while the French were conscript, inferior mounts and it told in the end!

The right hand French Demi Brigade attacked the town but were repulsed by the Grenzers with sterling support from a couple of battalion guns (Tom unsurprisingly threw a double six with the gun model, while Scotty had the usual crappy dice of a visitor to the club):

The French center steamed through the vineyard but again were thrown back by disciplined Austrian volley fire:

An Austrian victory. We concluded that to succeed the French must weaken the Austrian battalions with skirmish/Grand Band fire and then assault the line with their reserves in column.
Good game, good game.


  1. Lovely looking stuff Dave!

  2. Cheers Millsy, it was a good game.
    General de Brigade can be a quite unforgiving set of tactical rules and you really need to follow the lessons learned (often the hard way)by the participants of the time.
    The problem with our club is that all the gear has to be packed away by 10.00 so your hard pushed to get GdB finished in time, hence the club often playing Black Powder (or it's variants).

    1. Although we have to be packed away by 10:00, we do provide a sustainable diverse wargaming experience within an atmosphere of mutually-supportive convivial inclusivity.

  3. The only atmosphere I recognize/smell when I'm in the club has nothing to do with 'mutually-supportive convivial inclusivity'.
    More like old boiled cabbage, know what I mean!