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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

28mm American War of Independance

Well it's been quite a while since I posted. A few reasons, crappy at work, painting figures for someone else and therefore very little done for myself (I said when I started this blog that I would only post pictures of figures I painted for myself, not for other people), and oh yes, a resurgence of my obsession for the PC game Civilization, haven't played it for a few years but came across Civ IV recently and got back into it. These turn based empire building games suck you in and before you know it five or six hours of your life have gone by. I remember playing Civ I back in the early 90's, where has the time gone!!!!!
So I thought I'd post pictures of my 28mm AWI collection from many years back. These guys were really the first substantial army that I built up (been added to since). A guy called 'Old Bob' (as opposed to 'Young Bob' of course) both members of the Reiver club at the time, had a British army so I started (with Rob Andersons donation of figures he didn't need any more) to collect the Americans. Bob then stopped coming to the club and being left with one side then got going with the Brits.
So, on with the pics, The photos are ok (bit much direct light on some of them). Americans first:

6th Pennsylvanian:

4th New York:

2nd Rhode Island:

1st Pennsylvanian:

14th Massachusetts:

Skirmishers from the 2nd Pennsylvanian rifles:

American militia:

Virginian horse:

 American artillery:

American Brigadier:
The figures are a combination of Old Glory, Front Rank and the odd Perry.
The British will be next, followed (hopefully when I finally get time) finish off the 15mm Franco Prussian artillery.
All the best,


  1. Nice looking force, can't wait to see the Brits

  2. Fantastic looking army Dave!

  3. Dave- See you at Smoggy ? this Saturday Next TWATS game is looking like Dec 8th - I'm in the chair moderns it shall be- Nice stuff by the way- we'll have to have an AWI bash in the coming year

  4. Fabulous figures, flags and pictures! I do like the wounded man...

  5. Thanks chaps, Andy, hope to get to Smoggland, let you know about the 8th, up for AWI.

  6. Nice pics Dave. I see you've joined the 'new improved' wd3!

  7. Fantastic collection, fantastic.

    I have "nominated" you for an award: http://juan-manche.blogspot.com.es/


  8. Yes Neal, prefer it to 'The League', not so cliquey!
    Juan, how kind, I'd invite you for a coffee, but you rather a long way from Northumberland!

  9. Yes, a bit long way it is!

    Perhaps in SALUTE next year...