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Sunday, 25 November 2012

The British are coming!

I know the title has been used by some bloke somewhere before but it seemed too obvious!
Well here I am at 07.30 on a Sunday morning typing this up, 45 mins ago I was cleaning up dog shite from the utility floor as both of my two Bearded Collies have the runs, great start to a day. Probably not what you folks wanted to here but that's the reason for this being published now.

So, 'The British are coming' and here they are:

Loyalist Queens Rangers (Front Rank).

Combined Grenadier battalion (Front Rank).

57th Middlesex (Front Rank, later uniform).

8th Kings and 9th Royal Norfolk (Old Glory).

A combined light infantry battalion skirmishing (Front Rank and Perry).

British artillery (Old Glory).

Loyalist Butlers Rangers (Front Rank).

British brigadier (Front Rank).

17th Lt Dragoons (Front Rank with Old Glory Tarleton et al)

Some civilians (Perrys).

A burial party (scratch built, which I should have put on a circular base (Front Rank).

That's all of this lot, hopefully I'll soon be able to finish off the 15mm Franco Prussian artillery. I'll get them on here as soon as I can.


  1. These are all fantastic Dave. The burial party is very cool.

  2. The British are every nice! I do like the hats of the 57th Middlesex, and the civilians, a fantastic work!

  3. Thanks lads, the day did improve but after picking up dog crap it really couldn't have got much worse!

  4. That brigadier looks suitable pompous ;)

  5. Hi Dave,

    once again some absolutely nice figures. As always! Therefor I mentioned it on my own blog and dedicated the "Liebster Blog Award" to you.

    I hope you enjoy it and have a look here for the rules of the award:


  6. My sympathies about the dogs: I have two Border Terriers who mistake my study for the loo. Yr figures for HM's Army in North America are wonderful and have me full of envy. Inspired, I shall step up my efforts with mid-Victorian lancers &c from Perry's War of Intervention, whom, I hope may one day engage either Prussians or Frenchmen. With best wishes