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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Ahoy chaps.

Three additions to the WW2 1,2400 GHQ collection, HMS Rodney, Dorsetshire and Suffolk. These will complement the ships I already have, HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Hood, Prince Eugen and of course Bismarck, allowing me to re-fight the sinking of the Bismarck scenario in the Naval Thunder (Battleship Row) scenario/rules by Steel Dreadnought Games Here

 HMS Rodney (just noticed the dog hair on the ship - Bugger):

HMS Dorsetshire:

HMS Suffolk:

All three together:

Pleased with the results.
The scenario itself, with the Bismarck vs King George V, Rodney, Dorsetshire and Suffolk will be somewhat one sided but I'm sure that Neal won't mind being Zee Germans - going round and round in circles and getting crushed, nothing new there! (unfair, he's bloody good actually).
Going to the clubs AGM next week, I'll ask Tom if he's ok with putting photos of the 15mm SYW Russians I'm painting for him on this blog. If so then I'll get the ones I've done so far on here next week.


  1. Zee Germans should certainly look out, great look naval squadron. Coming from a WW1 naval project, also using GHQ and Naval Thunder, the layout of the Rodney really caught my eye. To see the superstructure so far back on the ship, while placing all turrets to the front, is really interesting. Were there more ships in the Rodney Class, and do you know why this unusual design was applied?

    Hope they do you proud on the gaming table!

  2. Phil:
    HMS Nelson was the only other ship of this class. The design was to carry a main armament of 16 in guns to match the firepower of the American Colorado and Japanese Nagato classes in a ship displacing no more than 35,000 tons restrictions imposed as a result of the 1921 Washington Naval Treaty.
    I know!