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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Me Heeds Battered!

Well I said 'd bring you guys up to date with the painting of Tom's Seven Years War Russian 15mm army (and I exaggerate not, there are a few of them.) so here we go. I've been on with these chaps on and off for a couple of months and as I said to Tom it will be late Feb before I complete the lot.
The figures are Old Glory 15's and really are pretty good. Tom being Tom he provided me with a thorough painting guide as it's a period I'm not particularly familiar with, truthfully I quite fancy it but it will be a while before I will be able to paint any more of this period when I eventually get them done as I'm starting to go a bit bong eyed!!!
Anyway here's the pics.

A battery of artillery:

1st Batt, 4th Gren:

1st & 2nd Batt, Butyrski Rgt:

1st & 2nd Batt, Roston Rgt:

Kargopolskiy horse grenadiers:

Tobolskiy dragoon Rgt:

So, a good start, even if the start has taken two months! To give you an idea of how many there are still to paint, here is a photograph od the half full infantry box:

The old sod says that there may be some Prussians to do after this, told him he will be waiting till the summer for them, he's a great fella though so I'll get there eventually.
P.S. Updated my  age to 53, where's the year gone!