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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I just hope they fight as well as they look

Well, a foray back into painting my 15mm Franco Prussian War figures, first time in a couple of years. The motivation is to have the French Imperial Guard corps completed by around about Sept this year for a large game at Micks up in the borders so at least a start has been made.
Have a look at the various battles, units etc Here
This does pose a question, a few people drop in and out looking at this blog some put their comments on, some do not. Their privilege of course.
What I would be interested to know is how many of you guys and girls out there paint up figures, units divisions etc which you know beforehand will see only limited time on the gaming table?
The French Imperial Guard of the FPW period are a prime example, Bourbaki (their commander) standing by with them in reserve for most of the engagements. These pretty lads will of course see action in non-historical actions, but if Gravelotte etc is re-played then the corps will remain in reserve for a good few turns and then will only move on a '6'. Is it worth the painting effort, Comments?

Here's a few pics.

One battalion of Guard Chasseurs:

1st Voltigeurs of the Guard:

 1st Grenadiers of the Guard:

As stated before these figures are from Outpost, one of the most comprehensive 15mm ranges for this period.


  1. Of course you must have the Guard but it would be bad form to use them in battle!

  2. Wow, most impressive troops, well done Dave!

  3. great work Dave and yes it's always worth painting colourful units even if they aren't used much

  4. Cheers lads; yep it has to be said that I can see them standing serenely in reserve and quietly marching off the table when the going gets rough!

  5. First of all, that is some great painting in 15mm - In my opinion, Bourbaki's corps is an interesting factor when wargaming both Mars-la-Tour, and even more so Gravelotte-St.Privat. Historically Bazaine held them back too long, overcautious as he was in both battles - but how would the situation in St Privat have looked like IF they'd gotten that order sooner, and reached Canrobert? That's what we have the wargaming table for... So, I'm all for painting up these beauties and fielding them in a historical scenario where the French player rolls to see Bazaine will act or not...

  6. Great stuff BP, couldn't agree more. We will see what actually happens when we game the battle in Sept.