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Friday, 31 July 2015

Southern France 1793

An smallish but enjoyable game at the Border Rievers club, Blagdon Hall, Northumberland, on Wednesday pitted two French Demi Brigades (six battalions), one battery of guns plus numerous skirmishers against four rather large Austrian battalions supported by a battery of 4pdrs.
The French attacked (naturally) after the Austrian commander positioned his troops behind cover as best he could though some units did advance further than intended due to crappy dice rolls, always the way. Rules, General De Brigade.

The large Austrian brigade advances towards it's designated defensive positions:

A view of the field of battle:

One of the French Demi Brigades advance rapidly towards a now exposed Austrian battalion preceded by a swarm of skirmishers:

While the second Demi Brigade elicits a volley from a humongous 48 figure Austrian battalion:

After suffering considerable casualties the first Austrian unit succeeds in driving off the French skirmishers:

With supporting fire from the regular battalion in the centre the two 'Les Blue' battalions charge in column towards the awaiting Austrians. Giving fire the Austrian battalion succeeds in halting the French on their left, however the second French unit crashes into the Austrians driving the unit back but not breaking them:

This was unfortunately the last photograph I had the time to take. Being umpire and given the fact that the rest of the guys weren't familiar with the rules meant that I had to concentrate on the game.
The French attack failed, they simply couldn't manage to get past the volley fire of the huge Austrian battalions. This was in the main due to the usual lack of time on a club night, but also the lads commanding the French should have worn the Austrians down with skirmish fire and manoeuvred their heavier gun battery into position to do some damage, following the tactics of the period.
An excellent game none the less.


  1. Dave, a very nice looking game, and the problems faced by both sides were quite correct. I find the demi-brigade all too effective on the table. I think my allies need some heavier artillery to break at a distance those levy battalions, or their weight of numbers engulfs the Allied line.. Michael

  2. Nice report Dave. Great pictures. Superb figures.