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Thursday, 2 July 2015

What not to sell!

Just returned from a short break in Gran Canaria yesterday, a nice do sod all holiday with my wife. The hotel was fine with a large complement of German and Polish guests, not a problem, we both mix in well with anyone (but do note the nationalities here).
The island itself was to be frank pretty crap, few shop for her ladyship and not much to do, however we managed to find a shopping complex and being a good boy I trailed around in her wake. However, browsing round the usual tourist junk I spotted a display cabinet on the wall outside a shop with model soldiers inside, woo hoo. On closer inspection I could not quite believe what I saw:

Inside the shop was an even larger cabinet with dictators ranging from Attilla the Hun to Pol Pot, about sixty figures but in amongst them all were single figures of Pope John Paul II sitting in his chair and Jesus standing with arms wide!! (I would have loved to get a photo of this but even the picture of the outside cabinet was surreptitiously taken.)
Oh to have been a fly on the wall when the owner came to the decision of what exactly he was going to sell in his shop. 'Who are the main tourists who will be visiting the island? Germans yes? well I'm sure they'd go for figures of Hitler and all his mates, sure fire hit there eh.'


  1. Nothing that is in bad taste or stupid in unbelivevable Dave. Remember Spain was a dictatorship from 1939 until Franco snuffed it and as far as I know the Falnge is not actually illegal I recall being told that Jose Maria Bueno- that doyen of Spanish Military Illustrator was a facsist ... I've certainly see other models of Spanish Facist troops in spain ... Mind you neve so many Hitlers in one place ........ but I did see a lego hitler once- with moveable arm.....

  2. Andy I'm not sure how many people regularly view this blog and as you know I couldn't give a chuff, this is kept mainly as a record of my wargaming related activities, and put on here for my own enjoyment. Some people comment and many do not (either way it doen't bother me) but I was slightly suprised when no one put anything up regarding the figures above. Do you think the dreaded 'Political Correctness pops it's head in here? Before I put this up I bet myself that you'd be the first to comment and there you go - good man!

  3. Cant believe someone would collect these! Ridiculous.