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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Getting there

The last couple of weeks have seen me fixing various bits of IKEA furniture together, some for my good lady and some for myself, though I have managed to fit in the odd game with Neal and a visit to the club so not too bad.
I finally started painting/re-basing my 28mm late Roman/Goth/Hunnic army but more of that in a later post.
The main achievement is to finally get the war game table constructed in the painting/gaming room.

Three pieces of IKEA box storage units were put together as a base, they also serve as storage compartments for terrain.

Part of the originaltable tennis table cut to fit.

Second section fitted, I didn't cut the two sections to the same size as I figured it would give me the option of a different size game depending on what I want.

Finally with my original green hex matting rolled out on top.

Might get a game in soon!


  1. I wouldnt have done it like that.

  2. jealous of the gaming room, i must have one!

    1. Whooo, hi James, really glad you drop in, keep looking it's nice that your interested in my blog. I actually think that if I got enough food supplies up here that I could ride out most world catastrophes, I mean it even has an en suite!