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Friday, 29 April 2016

Getting there, Late Roman Infantry.

Another session of re-basing done, late Roman infantry this time.
Now I'm not a fantastic painter, fairly average I guess but bare in mind dear reader that these lads were first painted about fifteen to twenty years ago, well before the advent of the top quality shield transfers you can get now. So it was paint your own shields or nowt, so to be frank some of the infantry shields look to be portraying anything ranging from a scrawny spuggy to a freshly plucked turkey! Free hand painting of wildlife is as you can see beyond my meagre capabilities. But they are what they are and I am well pleased with the basing.

Eight bases of Hunnic light cavalry are based but still need flocking so it's them next.
Neal 3rd95th.blogspot. and I should get a 15mm Nap game in on the new wargames table over the next couple of weeks so I'll try to get that on here as well. Of course (unlike Neal the hippy sod) I will make sure I finish the AAR before I post the photos - pull your finger out man!


  1. Dave, your Late Roman Infantry units are splendid, these bases enhance this wonderful army...I especially like what you've done with the spears (2nd and 3rd pics)...excellent!

  2. Your shield designs look pretty darn good to me - I don't think the real Roman shields would have had identical transfers!

  3. I stiff prefer to paint my own shields- transfers are a right pain- either perfect of crap- nothing in between - how many transfers do you ruin to get one right? Also for heraldry mostly you can never get theCoats you want so painting it is.
    Nice Romans mind .....

    1. Absoloutely mate, all of my Otterburn figures had to be researched and heraldry hand painted on and frankly it gives you a bit of satisfaction to do so. I believe that you can get transfers for many of the combatants now but, well it just ain't the same as doing it yourself is it?
      By the way, the 10mm Romans arrived today, great service, thank Carol - don't know what you'd do without her you old sod!