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Monday, 27 February 2012

15mm ACW

About once every 2-3 months I am fortunate to be invited up into the English Scottish border to play various games on a huge hex based permanent table in Mick's garage. Beer is consumed, sheep are chased and armies are manoeuvred usually over a weekend and good time is had by all.
Many periods are covered during these excursions, the next will be ancient Greeks/Persians (hence the Persians in the last post) but last time I went we re-fought Gettysburg using Fire and Fury, a rule set I particularly like. As everyone contributed a Corps of either one side or another I thought it only fair that I should do one as well. Most of the better known formations had been taken but Hancocks 2nd Corps was still to do, so with the Peter Pig figures duly bought (and any others who were lying around chucked in) here are the results.
Three Divisions plus Corps artillery:

Caldwell's 1st Division, note the Irish Brigade to the left:
Hancock's command stand with Gibbons 2nd Division behind:
Hays 3rd Division:
Corps artillery, five batteries:

Finally a couple of marker stands:
There are still plenty of unpainted figures to do however many of them are in the earlier style i.e. broad hat kepis with Havelocks and dress uniforms.
(So they're finally done Scotty!)


  1. They look fantastic. Cannot wait for the next game at Micks

  2. Fantasic looking army. Great basing on these guys too.