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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Archaemenid Persians

On this blog I keep saying many years ago when I started collecting this period and that period of figures, but like many of us that is usually the case. Some lucky few can afford to purchase a full army of figures for the 'new' period that takes their fancy, and good luck to them (the bastards!!) however I am not nor very likely to be one of them. As Groucho Marx said 'I've raised myself up from nothing to a sate of extreme poverty'.
So I have become resigned to the same situation that many of us are in, i.e. adding to collections now and then and slowly building them up. Now this of course can be taken to extremes, in the case of the Persians they've been going for about ten years when Rob gave me a whack of Outpost 15mm figures he didn't want any more.

As can be seen, these are the said Persian Immortals from Outpost. Now don't be too harsh, these chaps are wargames standard figures from an older range but for 15mm they'll do for me. Wait till I post pictures of my 15mm Minifigs Hoplites that I've gamed with since I was about sixteen, rough ain't the word but they've seen me through a few scraps!

The next couple of pics are some scummy looking rabble for the rear of the Persian line followed by Assyrian's used as heavy infantry:

These Meade infantry were painted recently and are I think Essex :

Skythian light cavalry again Essex:

Medium and heavy cavalry by Lancashire Games:

Libyan slingers:

Finally Darius, I know it should be Xerxes but he must have used one at some point. Anyway the model was too nice to turn down, so:

Well, that's the Persians' next time I'll post pictures of the Greeks I mentioned.