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Sunday, 1 May 2016

'Blucher' 10mm 1812 Russians.

As it's chucking it down outside and (much as I'd love to) I cannot get the garden done I thought that I may as well get the ID labels onto the completed 10mm 1812 Russians that I have painted up for Sam Mustafa's Blucher set of rules. I've fancied the type of rule system which purports to allow a large 'battle' to be fought in a reasonable amount of time on a size of table accessible to most wargamers. Haven't played the game yet but I like the look of the figures so we'll see.
10mm (or smaller) shows off the one base, one brigade look best, it just doesn't work for me with larger figures no matter what the manufacturers or rule writers say. To me when you try using 15 or 28mm figures the units still look like battalions no matter how hard you squint!
I decided to use magnetic strips on the back of the bases so that I could replace each one with the correct  brigade name depending on the OOB of whichever battle was being fought. It also allows the game scale to be dropped so that each base represents a regiment and the regimental name put on the rear of the unit. So with the newly bought printer in place I got the Opolochenie and Tuchkov's 3rd corp done to start with:

The figures are a mix of Old Glory and Magister Millitum though I would like to give Pendraken a go for the French.
A few more figures to get for the Russians and of course two corps of French but it's a start.


  1. How can you do such beautiful details in 10mm? Amazing job Dave!

  2. Cracking work Dave. Like the idea of magnetic unit names

  3. Thanks lads, the unit lables were a bit of work but they do give that bit of flexability.

  4. I wouldn't have...........no seriously they look really good!