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Monday, 9 May 2016

Hey, it's the Huns Honey!

As promised more Impetus basing done, this time eight groups of 28mm Hunnic light cavalry. As you can see on the photos I've used the term Zunn to denote each unit. I know that it is a Mongol military title for 'hundreds' and rather too late for Huns (and there seem to be no record of unit termanology for them) but it's better than 'Unit 1, Unit 2' etc so what the hell.
Photos of some 'toothy' looking Huns, figures are Old Glory and Gripping Beast if I recall.

One a large enough table eight units of horse archers should p*** the enemy off!
Ostro and Visigoths next.


  1. Sweet!! Your post at TMP caught my eye as I am seriously considering a Hun army for Saga. These are lovely!

  2. Thanks Skipper, appreciate you looking in.

  3. They look dynamic and fierce Dave, ideal for this kind of troop, excellent job...and I love your bases as well!

  4. awesome and impressive display of painted Huns - fantastic looking army - the flocking of bases look great too!

  5. Very kind Phil, very pleased with the way they have come out.