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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

War game mat

A quick interlude while I put together the AAR of my French Vs Neals lucky, lucky Peninsular Spanish (no biased report coming there then!).
I sent away for and recieved two rubber wargame mats for my table from Tiny Wargames UK , not the cheapest but the quality is fantastic and I am very pleased. Richard will print the mats to any size required and will add hexes or squares as desired. I had fine 600mm squares on the mat in the photes mainly for 'To The Strongest' rules but the lines on the squares are so fine that they can be ignored if you wish.

Not quite the best shots in the world but you see what I mean.
I supose I had better get on with that Peninsula AAR now.


  1. Dave what version is the mat made from - pvc cloth???? If pvc does it shine too much under electric light?
    As I am hovering over a purchase
    What size is your table and does it sit flat?