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Saturday, 22 October 2011

French & Austrians

Some more Revolutionary pictures, this time more French and some Austrian infantry. I've added some small vignettes of the command figures for a bit of variety. These figures were done about two years ago and truthfully the faces aren't up to much but the idea was always to raise a couple of armies fairly quickly so the painting wasn't ever going to be of the highest standards. Never mind there bloody good fun to game with.
Firstly the French, this is the first of two Battalions of the 2nd Chasseurs a pied. You will notice that they are wearing trousers or gaiters and not the short light infantry boot, I had the spare figures and given the turmoil of the times I figured that, well, anything goes!
1st Battalion 2nd Chasseurs a pied Old Glory figures:
 The Austrian 1st Battalion IR 9. Elite figures:
Three French command stands:
Representatives du Mission:
I still need Austrian cavalry of some sort, Eureka's stuff is as I have said in the past, great but too pricey for me!
That will do tonight, see what next week brings.


  1. Very nice figures, I totally agree with you about Eureka, they make excellent figures, but I don't want to take out a second mortgage!!

  2. Really nice figures and excellent painting.

  3. I have stated elsewhere that if Eureka could manage to lower their prices or sub-contract so that casting was done in Europe (thereby cutting out the lousy exchange rate) then the increase in sales would cover any reduction in income from the dropping of their prices. More people would buy their figures and turnover would increase. Maybe I'm being a bit thick but so few people can afford their prices the way money is at the moment.

  4. Excellent units and generals! Really nice and inspiring. I actually just got a bunch of Eureka but I ordered from Eureka US. With delivery included waaay cheaper for me than order from UK or Australia. Great service too. I'm from The Netherlands.

  5. Superb work. Love the subject matter and era for gaming. Marked site for future visits on the Vendean wars. Maybe a few Eureka miniatures to blend into my very small Vendee collection. Somebody to chase around and keep "honest" those Frenchee Republicans.

    Michael aka WR