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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Not been posting for a while but earlier I had a request by Craig to show the  techniques used when painting the 10mm WSS stuff so here goes:

Firstly I always undercoat in black using the Games Workshop sprays. Black as a pose to white undercoat means that if you do miss a bit, say under the arms, then it just looks like shading, where as the white undercoat stands out like a sore thumb! Many people swear by white and who am I to criticise, the black does dull the colours slightly but I don't tend to go for parade ground troops anyway and I like to speed things up as much as possible. I never undercoat using a brush, the time taken would do my head in!
I tend to use plastic bottle tops with Whitetack (not Bluetack as it's not as tacky) to save handling the figures themselves.
Anyway, first picture:
Strip of figures with the first coat of Dk grey on the tunic.

 A slightly lighter highlight of gray added.

Blue cuffs and red stockings, I try to pick one shade lighter than normal for 10mm to lift the colours as they are so small.

Brown belts, metallic silver musket barrel and bayonets added.

Yellow hat lace and flesh plus the base painted green to make it easier when basing the figures as space in between the ranks is tight.

The finished figures before basing. Old Glory have the flags cast with the figures, sometimes a pain but truthfully I quite enjoy it!

The finished Languedoc Battalion based using 'Basetex' brown and green and then highlighted. Figures varnished using Matt Games Workshop spray.

All figures in this instance are Old Glory.

That's all for now, hopefully a 10mm WSS battle report with pictures to come soon.

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  1. Nice tutorial. Good idea to paint the base before you ad the rear ranks because as you say basing can become difficult.