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Friday, 28 October 2011

French Revolutionary books

Just thought I'd put up a quick list of some of the books I use relating to the French revolutionary Wars figures. Probably nothing in there that's new to most people but a starter for someone who's just getting into the period.

Firstly the Ospray stuff:
Men at Arms series, 257 Napoleon's Campaigns in Italy, P Haythornthwaite.
Men at Arms series, 328 Emigre & Foreign Troops in British Service (1) 1793-1802, R. Chartrand.
Men at Arms series, 403 French Revolutionary Infantry 1789-1802, T. Crowdy.
Warrior series, 63 French Revolutionary Infantryman 1791-1802, T. Crowdy.
Essential Histories, The French Revolutionary Wars, G. Fremont-Barnes.
Campaign series, Toulon 1793, R. Forczyk.
The Battle of Marengo 1800, D. Hollins.

As for other books:
 Uniforms of the French Revolutionary Wars, 1789-1802, P. Haythonthwaite. Blanford.
(The first book I bought and the one that got me started in this fascinating period).
 The Art of War of Revolutionary France, 1789-1802, P. Griffith. Greenhill Books.
(Some find this a bit dry but frankly I think it's great, covering strategic, tactical and political issues).
 Napoleon's Army, Col. H. C. B. Rogers. Purnell Book Services.
(Though this book also covers the Napoleonic period it gives an in depth look into the organisation of the French armies for the Revolutionary period as well. It also has some great black and white plates inside.)
 French Infantry Flags (from 1786 to the end of the First Empire), L. Letrun. Historie & Collections Series.
(All the information on this subject you could wish for).
 Eagles over the Alps (Suvorov in Italy and Switzerland 1799), C. Duffy. The Emperor's Press.
(A great read, you must get this if you want to use those Eureka Russians they have brought out).

A few links:
Revolutionary Flags, especially French cavalry
NYPL Digital Gallery uniform plates for various nations, worth digging through.
Same as above but for the French only
Russian uniform details (and I mean detailed!) for Suvarov in Italy.
Cavalry, artillery for the above.
Guards and other stuff for the above.
Not the same source but plates for the above campaign.
Piedemontese uniforms for the Italian campaign (in Italian but with plates).
Seven Years War Prussian figures would do perfectly well for the above.
 More Sardinian stuff, needs translating.
The Dutch army during this period.
Finally Wikipedia is always a good resource.
Like everything always cross reference all the above if possible, non of course is original material and people get things wrong!
That will do for now, it's surprising how long it takes to put this stuff on here. I hope it will encourage a few people to look into this period.


  1. Wow! That's a pretty comprehensive list.

    Thanks for the work in collecting and posting all the links and references.

  2. Keep looking at Suravov- especially since we have a suitable range . Also looking sat Condes army one of those this year next year projects...

  3. Suvorov does tick my whatsits I have to say, it's just I don't know if I will have room for more 28mm!
    Andy, send me a link for the range your talking about and I'll put it on here.