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Monday, 31 October 2011

Games with the Vendean fellows

There have been a few games using the Vendean figures pictured below, unfortunately none of which were photographed. However one in particular does spring to mind.
The scenario was that one 30 fig British battalion (Old Glory AWI figures, as close as you can get at the present to represent the Brits for this period) was en-costed in a small village near one end of a length ways 8' by 6' table where two roads converged which then split and ran to the Republican end. The British were in possession of a ramshackle cart containing various goodies which the Republicans simply had to posses. The British (in this instance Rob) would roll one D3 die on the arrival of the French at the far end of the battlefield and that's how long they had to rouse themselves from their slumber, hitch the cart and bugger off!
The French duly arrived in two separate columns, one on either road (Tom commanding three 34 fig battalions and John having two plus an artillery piece. overwhelming odds you would think, Ha Ha. I was umpiring) and marched down the two converging roads towards the British battalion struggling to form up.
Rob decided that his British battalion would have to form line to face the left hand force of two Republican battalions and gun while the cart struggled at crawling pace towards the table edge, as the infantry was of good quality and the French were crap he felt that he may have a chance on this part of the field.
This of course left Tom with a free run with his troops down the road past a large wood on his right and round the back of the village to the lumbering cart.
With a look of glee on his face he left John to engage the veteran British battalion on his own and went for the prize. His look of horror when (in column) his troops drew level with the wood and the five units of Vendee Royalists seen below were placed 4'' from his right flank with a 3pdr gun pointing straight down the road to his front. Canister was duly fired from the gun and on the 'test to receive charge' phase (General de Brigade rules) his whole brigade turned on their heals and ran pell mell back up the road never to be seen again. I did give them a considerable minus on their die roll for first seeing the enemy.
Rob (who of course knew fine well that the Royalists were in the wood) proceeded to see off the remaining Republicans with ease, sat back and puffed on his imaginary pipe and smirked.
A cracking game, even Tom saw the funny side (eventually) and a good time was had by all.
As I say I wish I had taken some shots of the game but I will be sure to do so on the next occasion the troops are out for a game.

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  1. Ouch! Sounds like a perfect use for the Vendeeans, though. Much like Spanish guerrillas; pop out of the bushes and go BOO!