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Monday, 5 September 2011

Border Reiver show

I know it's Tuesday and the show was on Saturday but just a quick bit from the organisers side. As one of the approx fifteen members of the Border Reiver Wargames club and having been involved for about fifteen years I did of course turn up at the usual ungodly hour of 0700 and spent the next two hours along with the rest of the lads putting out tables, chairs and helping the traders get their stuff in and set up.
After putting some stuff on the bring and buy most of the rest of the morning was spent with Tom on the door getting the (very reasonable I thought) three quid off the punters as they came through the doors. Comment was made by some people that we looked like a couple from the Dale Farm gypsy camp in the news lately but I couldn't possibly say!
Got time to see Andy at Old Glory (who sponsors the show) to pick up some more 10mm WSS so I'll be pushing on with them soon. At the moment I am re-basing my 15mm ancient Greek/Macadonian/Persian armies. Some of the Greeks are particularly venerable Minifigs, crap painting but they are close to my heart as they were some of my first metal figures. So their being based for Hail Caesar as we are starting to play that quite a bit.
Anyway managed to look round the show for quarter of a hour before starting to pack away again at 1500. About 500 people went through the doors, so considering it had been peeing it down for most of the day that wasn't too bad for a fairly smallish show. The club does it for the sake of it being the only wargames show in Newcastle (the next closest being Smoggycon in Middlesbrough), we make a very small profit from the bring and buy, but really that's about it. It is hard graft but Rob organises it well it's very friendly and it's a 'good crack'.
I think that the show could have done with a couple more really good demo games, I noticed a cracking WW2 desert game and a spacey type (neither my cup of tea but pretty) but could have done with more. I may suggest at the AGM that next year I give it a go with the 10mm WSS assault on Blenheim as a participation game, we'll see.
My son and his wife are over from the States for two weeks tomorrow and the last couple of days I have spent painting, unfortunately rooms not soldiers so I'm knackered but looking forward to seeing them.
I'll get back to the wargaming figures stuff soon. I don't know if people are interested in my wittering!


  1. Sounds as though you've had a fun time, especially with the decorating! I like going to small shows, you often pick up a bargin at the bring and buy, unfortunately its a bit of a drive to your show from Kent!

  2. Cheers Ray, as I said, a friendly show. Allot of guys from north of the border seem to come down, all a good bunch.

  3. Hey -up Dave lad nice start mate - all grist unto the mill Keep it up.

  4. Cheers Andy, keep popping in for a look, there's plenty of your figures going to go on here as and when I get the time.

  5. I think the Durham show is next closest Dave but ours is bigger than both it and Smoggy. I don't trade at Durham but run a game instead.

  6. Been to Durham twice, canny show but to say it's intimate would be an understatement! nowt wrong with that though.