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Friday, 16 September 2011

10mm Caesarian

These Old Glory 10mm figures were originally based up for Warmaster but as most of our lads at the club have progressed on to Hail Caeser they will of course do just as well for that set of rules. As the Old Glory figures come in strips of five then to fit the set sizes of the Warmaster bases some of the figure strips had to be snipped off to fill the bases up, a pain to be honest, but it does look better than having gaps between the stands.
I quite fancied Caesers wars against Pompey for a while, it's still an ongoing project so there's still plenty to do (like so much else!) but I'm getting there.
Three stands to a unit, with each unit representing either a Cohort or if the scale is made smaller i.e. ranges and movement halved, a Legion thereby enabling larger engagements to be represented.

Four Cohorts of an Eastern Legion.

Eastern Greek cavalry.


Western Legion


With archers to the front

Gallic cavalry

Raw legionaries

That should do for now, however Neal and I will be trying out the 10mm Marlborough using Blackpowder. I have set the table up so he'll be popping over
 tonight to get started. These things are usually played out over a few weeks but I'll be taking regular photo's during critical points in the game and will then put them on here. Keep a look out!


  1. Cheers Scotty, see you next Saturday.

  2. Ah so that means you have a game on up in the wilds then- so you won't be turning out with the TWATS???