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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Even more naval gazing

Did a bit more photography yesterday as the sun was actually out, though with a bit of cloud cover it just took the edge off the direct light which seems to work for me. I'm nothing like an expert with  what is actually my sons camera but I'm learning as I go.
I've been gathering these Xyston http://www.scotiagrendel.com/Xyston/1:600 scale ships bit by bit for a couple of years and , like most things will get around to having enough for a game one day! They are fab models, very detailed, maybe a bit pricy but worth it.
The inspiration originally came from reading (I think) Don Featherstones  book 'Naval Wargames', he used this scale had rules and black and white photographs inside which looked great rowing round various home made islands bashing into each other! I like the scale, you can pick them up without needing tweezers and look good.
Have a look at this site, great stuff and what I'd like to get to in the end http://olicanalad.blogspot.com/search/label/Fleet%20of%20Battle
Here are the pictures:
Greek Triremes
Phoenician Triremes.
Phoenician Triremes & Quinqueremes.
Phoenician Quinqueremes.
The decking has to be ink lined in for the planking so that's a bit fiddly. Could do with about twenty per side, so a few to go!
I'll try to get the 10mm Ceasarian Romans up on the blog in the next few days.


  1. Very nicely painted! Looks and sounds like a lot of work went into these, love the faces.

  2. Bloody nice!!! I too want to have a few squadrons of these, for fighting in the first Punic War period

  3. These are the first examples of that Greek trireme I've seen that don't look terrible. In fact, they look fantastic.

    What was the reference material for the paint job?