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Friday, 2 September 2011

10mm War of Spanish Succession French.

Right lets see if I can get a few examples of the French on here and then I'll move on to another period, scale, whatever next week.
Anyway, the French:
Front to back, 1st Battalion Navarre, 1st & 2nd Battalion Artois. Two stands to each Battalion.

Left front to back, 2nd Batt Navarre, 1st Batt Provence, 1st Batt Greder Allemand. Right front to back, 3rd Batt Navarre, 2nd Provence, 2nd Greder Allemand.

These are the eight squadrons (16 companies) of French Gendarmerie.

Since these were taken I've rebased the command units (you can just see one at the back) and put them on round stands. I find they stand out much better, plus I have put the names of the various brigade/wing commanders on the back. I did this with the units and squadrons as well I think it gives a bit of personality to the units if everyone knows exactly which unit is charging to glory or possibly destruction, you actually care just that little bit more! It also helps players who are not familiar with the period to know which troops are which.
I've just phoned Andy at Old Glory to order a few more bags of 10mm figures, so I'll pick them up tomorrow, back to painting, probably French.
0600 start tomorrow, Were at the Arena for 0700 to set the tables up for the show. It's a long day but it is always good to see everyone who turns up both punters and traders.
See you soon,


  1. Cheers Sgt, keep looking in, I hope to get loads more stuff of various scales on the site.